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We are sorry to say that it has come time for us to discontinue the Achieve o2 product line. Raw material and manufacturing staff shortages have lead to a significant increase in costs and we have been unable to replenish our stocks for some time. As a small player in the massive textile-industry, we simply don't have the resources to compete for what is still an uncertain future. It has been a great pleasure to provide wellness products to you for the past 20 years. We can't thank you enough for your business and we wish you health and prosperity for the future.

Optimal Health and Performance

Socks, support sleeves and accessories for optimal health and performance.

Our feet are a vital, but often ignored part of the body.

Ao2 knows the importance of long-term foot health. That is why we developed a simple, but effective way to make your feet feel their best with socks, support sleeves and accessories. Our products will help to enhance performance, limit odor, increase comfort and make your feet feel restored without the use of topical creams, noxious chemicals or restrictive fabric.

Ao2’s DRY-ENERGY technology has been extensively researched, developed and clinically tested for durability and effectiveness.

Run that 5K, take the dog to the park, feel your best and stop avoiding the activities you enjoy with Ao2 DRY-ENERGY products.

Materials Matter.

At Ao2, we know materials matter. That is why Ao2 technology developed an exclusive fiber blend for our DRY-ENERGY yarn.

Blended yarns containing CELLIANT, drirelease and FreshGuard make our products unique and effective. This select blend, only featured in Ao2 products, works with your body for optimal health and

Why apply creams containing invasive chemicals when you can wear DRY-ENERGY material and take a more natural approach?

Proven Results.

We all know the distracting and discouraging feeling of discomfort. Do not let nagging pain, embarrassing odor or poor performance get you down.

The unique fiber blend found in our DRY-ENERGY products can:

  • Increase energy, which penetrates into the muscle and tissue to promote a temporary increase in local blood flow.
  • Boost endurance and stamina.
  • Speed up recovery time.
  • Enhance athletic performance.
  • Improve strength.
  • Promote comfort and a more restful sleep.
  • Regulate body temperature.
  • Limit growth and production of odor causing bacteria.


Our feet provide support, balance and mobility. Regardless of whether you are a sports enthusiast, stand for long hours at work or struggle with diabetes-related foot pain, taking the best care of your feet is important for everyone.

Ao2 has products that fit your lifestyle. Our complete line of DRY-ENERGY socks range from diabetic and athletic, to wellness, everyday comfort and sleep. Choose from a variety of styles and colors.

We also offer DRY-ENERGY products for joint support, long sleeve tops and leggings, and bedding.

More Comfort with Less Maintenance.

Our soft, seamless, natural fiber products help move moisture away from your skin and dry quickly without the excessive compression typically found in some other socks. Our products are easy to maintain and eco-friendly too.